Broadway 1221

Digital Marketing, Lead Generation
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Broadway 1221, an apartment complex in the heart of San Antonio burgeoning downtown district, wanted to publicly reconfirm their commitment to the city. They chose to offer a move-in special to teachers working in one of San Antonio’s more economically challenged and ethnically diverse school districts, SAISD.

Broadway 1221
Digital Marketing, Lead Generation


Herospace created a custom audience focusing on education level and job industry along with demographic and attitudinal qualifiers. This campaign was a geo-targeted Facebook campaign inside SAISD and surrounding areas. Herospace launched a look-alike campaign based on the client’s prospect list narrowed down with the demographic and attitudinal qualifiers.

Along with Jeff’s Journeys, we created a digital ad campaign using a blend of photos and video storytelling to produce a highly successful one-month marketing campaign. All audiences were presented Facebook ads (static, carousel and video) highlighting the special offer, directing them to a custom landing page to learn more details. Herospace designed and developed landing page/s to showcase the apartments and the neighborhood, the main call-to-action was an email capture. A unique phone line was created to funnel leads for the campaign, as well.


Broadway 1221 received 46 leads in 30 days.

The average click-through-rate for the Facebook campaign was 1.80%, well above the industry average at the time, .99%. The average cost per click was for the Herospace campaign was $0.50, well below the industry average at the time, $1.81. The cost per acquisition was $64.34.

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